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Abstract Background

Service Manager

Great for anyone who sells services, wants to have everything at hand and automatically keep customers informed throughout the process.

A flexible solution that can be easily incorporated into your operations

Dynamic work processes, transparency, and proactive communication with all parties involved while a project is in progress


You tailor the solution to your needs. You set up the work processes that suit you and what you want to happen at each stage of the work.


All up to you.

Diverse needs

Whether your expertise and service is about smart devices, computers, electronics, bikes or cars, Golíat keeps track of all the information related to the projects at all times, e.g. time, cost, parts, communication and settlement. 

Goliath is all of these

In tune with the times

The entire environment is hosted in the cloud. If you don't already have a cloud environment that we can use, we'll set it up for you free of charge. 

Your needs and the needs of your customers first

The customer is automatically informed all the time about the progress of the project. No emails or phone calls with questions about repair progress because we keep everyone informed automatically. All communications with all parties involved are within Goliath. All information in one place.

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