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Testimonials from two customers and partners


"In my opinion, Codilac has skills and knowledge in the field of software development, which is both difficult but at the same time necessary to ensure the functionality, flexibility and reliability of the system being worked with. Codilac's knowledge is on the one hand related to multi-faceted and detailed methods of software development, programming, integration methods and data models and, on the other hand, an overview of the many factors that influence how the overall picture and configuration of systems should be. It is a privilege to be able to work with people who have the same experience as Codilac and, at the same time, knowledge of the latest methods."


Sveinn Tryggvason

CEO Tæknivörur

Abstract Lines

The collaboration between ELKO and Codilac began at the end of 2020, but earlier that year, ELKO implemented a new company strategy and goal that placed greater emphasis on both the increased satisfaction of customers and the company's staff. The collaboration has been extremely successful since our first meeting because it was obvious from the beginning that Codilac has both comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of software development. It is very easy for them to understand our needs and requirements and provide solutions that fit well with the future vision we have in digital development. The cooperation is therefore an important part of ELKO achieving its goal of having the most satisfied customers in the electronics market.

Sófús Árni Hafsteinsson Viðskiptaþróunarstjóri Elko

Sófús Árni Hafsteinsson

Director of Business Development Elko

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