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"Life was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits"

The technology

Goliat is always at the forefront and uses the latest technology and methods for the benefit of customers. Technology is always advancing at a rapid pace, and only by putting a lot of effort into education and product development can we stay ahead of the curve.

Laptop Keyboard

Built from units you choose

Goliath's base system has certain core functionality that everyone uses. Custom changes are implemented outside of the core, so we can release new versions without affecting the custom changes.


Integration with other systems

Goliath is a three-layer solution. All functions are in the well-documented web services, "OpenApi". Web services are Json/Rest.

Highway Night Light

Operation and operational safety

The entire environment is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and is server-less. No servers, no screwdrivers or hard drives filling up.

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