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Goliat Service Manager


Golíat has different manifestations depending on the nature of the activity. You select into the system the units that suit you or the connections to external systems that suit e.g. financial accounting, cash register, products and inventory. 

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Live dashboard

Graphical representation improves the overview of performance, work, timelines in the project process and other things that allow you to optimize your operations.

If you need something specific to see, we won't be long in throwing it on the dashboard. 

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Access control

Each user sees only what he is supposed to see, whether it is a Service Manager, an expert on the floor, an employee at a customer, a contact or an employee of an insurance company.

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Live workflow

Start by creating all project positions. Rules are then set up that govern which position can succeed the last one. 

Each step in the workflow can trigger specific actions such as ensuring that necessary information has been recorded or calling for the intervention of an insurance agent to assess liability or triggering an action that creates an account in the books. 

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Message templates

We offer tailor-made SMS or e-mail messages to be sent to the relevant parties with each status change. You build a template and enter the information to be displayed.

Different templates are available for repair contact, customer, insurance provider, or workshop.


If you want to have this information sent into cloud services such as Mandrill, Mail Chimp or into your CRM system, that option is available.

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A good overview of all tasks

Lightning fast search and search options let you call up the data you want to see at any time. Combined column search and column sorting creates the view needed at any time.

In addition, there is a range of other options such as seeing only work that has been assigned to employees, work that has been completed or is being processed by an insurance company, etc. and more.

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Warranty process

Creation of a work order

Detailed information in one place.

The repair request is signed with an electronic signature. No paper.

Information about the customer's service history is accessible and data from it should not be downloaded, which of course speeds up the registration and automatically retrieves information about the validity period of the warranty, etc. If it is a return, a repair history is displayed and work automatically takes priority.

If you set the automatic message in this way, the customer will receive a message with a link to the repair where he can always follow up and send a message into the work.

Larger partners have the option to submit a request electronically.

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Registration of accessories

We list not only the main subject of a project, but also any accessories submitted with the request.

Barcode labels are then printed for all items and labeled so they are not lost but are identified as part of the same operation.


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All communications within a system

There are two communication channels in Goliat. One is for general communication between the service provider and the client, while the other is intended for professionals only and is not visible to clients.

This is how we maintain all communication within Goliat so that everything is at hand.

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Automatic message

The templates allow you to set up a detailed text with data about the repair that is sent to the concerned party as an SMS or e-mail.

You can also have the message and associated data sent to your marketing tool or have it saved as part of the customer's communication history in a central system.


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Parts and costs

Here we offer the option to register all work and material in a simple way and without connections to other systems.

On the other hand, do you use the connections that are available, e.g. with accounting systems, products and stocks, Goliat works with all this information and updates these systems and maintains stock levels. Goliat can also create a sales order or invoice in customer accounting and print out or send the settlement to the cashier system during checkout.

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Responsibilities and evaluation process

If the work falls under warranty or there is a suspicion of it, an evaluation process is started. Evaluators take Goliat requests and evaluate.

All information about the evaluation process and results is maintained in Goliat.

In addition, there is a separate communication channel or chat around the assessment process itself.

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So everything has to be delivered

Goliat displays the tasks that are ready for delivery and gives the option to manage "home delivery" if desired.

For larger service providers and branches that want the best for sending and picking up, the destination gets the "green light" if it can be done in one trip ie. either you have to send or pick up or you have to do both, and then it's always good to let the system tell you if it's possible to do everything in one trip.

Each destination can then see in real time what is ready to leave the place or is expected to arrive or "in the pipeline" as they say.

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Golíat Service Manager - Sendingar
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